Casino affiliate programs operate in one of the most lucrative segments of the entertainment industry. Many players come to gambling clubs every day wanting to hit the jackpot or catch a good multiplier.

Any affiliate program is money, and gambling is huge. While real casinos are banned almost all over the Russian Federation, online clubs function and allow you to bet. Gamblers spend a lot of money on such sites, and gambling affiliate programs allow them to earn an obscene amount.

What is gambling affiliate

Gambling or casino affiliate program is a type of cooperation with online casinos, in which you attract new players to the project, and its owners in return share with you the profits they receive.

Every year the gambling market around the world is growing. The exception is 2020, when a pandemic hit all offline businesses, including land-based casinos. But the world is changing, and more and more sports betting and spins are being placed at online clubs. By 2023, analysts predict casino profits will rise to $525 billion.

How to work with Gambling affiliates

The scheme itself is very simple. In order to become an affiliate and promote online casinos, you need:

  • Choose a club with which you would like to cooperate.
  • Find a link to an affiliate program, register. As a rule, the link to the affiliate program is in the basement of the casino site in the “Affiliate Program” or “Affiliate Program”.
  • Take an affiliate link in your personal cabinet, which you will use to bring players, and start promoting it on the internet.
  • The affiliate will track the players you bring and will accrue remuneration to them.

With affiliate programs, casinos tend to work mainly on three models: Revenue Share, CPA, Hybrid.

Revenue Share or Revshare

Under the Revenue Share model, you will receive a percentage of the profits the casino made from the players you attracted. Revenue Share percentage can range from 15 to 60%. All conditions you can find on the site of interest affiliate.

Revshara is dynamic and fixed. With the dynamic percentage of profit depends on the number of players you bring. How it works: you bring 1 player in a month – you get 15% of his losses. If you brought 400 players – you get 50% of their losses. When the revshara is fixed, you will get the same percentage, regardless of the number of players brought. In cases, when you have a lot of traffic, affiliates are ready to discuss individual conditions.

For this model, traffic from search or contextual advertising is most suitable. If you know how to make sites or set up context to pass moderation, then this is your choice. More than 80% of partners in the gambling market work with this model. Revshara can generate income for years for an affiliate and bring in more than a thousand dollars.


CPA is a simple format: bring a player who made a deposit of a certain amount and get a one-time payout. The size of the payout depends mainly on the brand and geography.

For players from TIER1 countries affiliate can pay up to $300, from TIER2 – up to $100, and fromTIER3 – up to $40. Usually such model has so called Baseline or minimum deposit. That means that the player you are bringing in must pay a certain amount of money, otherwise you might not get paid for the players you bring in. Usually the min deposit is not more than $10 and if you get good quality traffic you have nothing to worry about.

One of the main sources of traffic for CPA is social networks, like Facebook. But you need some skills and budget to get traffic from there.


A mixed model where you get paid a flat rate for a player you bring in + a smaller percentage on the RevShare model.

For example, you bring in a player, get $15 for his first deposit and 15% RevShare.

Popular Traffic Sources

In how to make money with a casino affiliate, the right ways to attract users are important. To begin with, it is important to understand who your target audience is. Predominantly, it is men aged 25-75 years. Conventionally, the audience can be divided into two categories – easy money seekers and lovers of gambling, who come to the casino for emotion.

There are two popular sources of traffic for gambling.

SEO and Contextual advertising

An excellent source for gambling – search engines. If a person is looking for an online casino himself, it means that he is already ready to spend a certain amount of money there. The main problem with this method is that it takes time. Planning to create a site on the gambling theme with the prospect of pluming it into an affiliate program, you should understand that the game will be long and can take up to six months, but the prospects are very good.

To work with casino affiliate sites are used review sites, brand-specific sites, as well as doorways.

Other suitable sources of traffic are contextual and teaser advertising, social networks, and video hostings.

To work with casino affiliate sites are used review sites, brand-specific sites, as well as doorways.

Other suitable sources of traffic are contextual and teaser advertising, social networks, and video hostings.

Traffic Arbitrage

The lion’s share of traffic is generated by traffic arbitrage. What webmasters aren’t doing to squeeze gembla into advertising. You can, of course, buy traffic where it’s allowed, but don’t expect good conversions or quick results.

All conversion schemes are about the ability to find unusual sources and pass moderation where gambling is forbidden.

The best countries to work with gambling

The best country is the one you can get traffic from. If you know how to work with Hispanic-American audience: you know the peculiarities of the language, preferences of players and you have studied the market – this will be the best country for you.

All countries in affiliate marketing are usually divided into tiers: TIER1, TIER2, TIER3, etc. The biggest payouts and the most solvent players, of course, reside in TIER1. But it also means that there is a lot of competition.

TIER1 represents countries such as the United States, Canada, Italy, Australia, and Germany.

At the same time, TIER2 covers a much larger audience. A striking example is the Republic of South Africa, whose residents have shown interest in gambling in recent years. In TIER2 countries, the level of earnings is lower, but it is leveled by the number of the audience.

TIER3 countries are different in that there are quite a lot of them, and it is also possible to get traffic in them. Yes, the payouts for players from these countries are even smaller, but the competition is negligible. Many affiliates came to good earnings precisely because they went to work with less competitive countries.

Advantages of direct affiliate programs casino

Cooperation with the direct casino affiliate programs has several advantages:

  • Transparency of statistics. Only direct affiliate programs can give full statistics on each player. All statistics is available to you in your personal cabinet and you can track it at any time.
  • No intermediaries. Reduces the probability that at some stage of cooperation you will be deprived of a part of your profits. So this point increases your profit.
  • First-hand information. Work with partners directly minimizes the number of disputable situations.
  • Low probability of shaving. Shave refers to deception of webmasters by artificial reduction of the number of leads or sudden winnings at the end of the month, which take away a part of your income. This point is provided by points #1 and #2.
  • Individual terms and conditions. These can be negotiated directly. For example, with good traffic, you can easily get a maximum rate that no other network will give you. The same applies to the hold, the frequency of payments and other points.
  • Guarantee of payment of money. Work with proven affiliate networks and are guaranteed to get your profits.

Advantages of working with CPA networks with gambling offers

Another option for cooperation with gambling affiliates – CPA networks. It has its own advantages:

  • A large selection of offers. This is a big plus, because not everyone will like the need to register in each affiliate program. Especially when you make a rating of several casinos, which do not belong to the same affiliate.
  • The possibility of getting more RevShare. For example, working directly through an affiliate network, you can get a starting 25%. Through the CPA network, you can count on the maximum RevShare of 40 or 50%. This is achieved by the fact that the network pours on the maximum rates (due to volume).
  • Support Service. The manager can help to choose an offer, working in a specific GEO. The support team has statistics on all of the offers, it can suggest products with top conversions, which will reduce your possible costs. You can also coun

The minus of cooperation with CPA networks is that they can take their commission from the partners’ income. The work with CPA networks will be beneficial for beginners who have just started their way in affiliate marketing.